Air Plant Fertilizer Bottle
(Minimum Order 10)


SIZE: 60ml Fine Mist Spray Bottle 

DESCRIPTION: Our formula base is 16-9-25. Each bottle is filled, labeled, and ready to sell. 

Why Use Air Plant Fertilizer? It is important that you use epiphyte-specific fertilizer when fertilizing your air plants. Why? Because traditional plant fertilizers contain urea, which will easily kill your air plants if used at normal dosages. This happens because soil microbes convert urea into usable forms of nitrogen for root absorption and since air plants don't grow in soil, the urea is not broken down before being absorbed by the air plants. This will cause your air plant's leaves to burn and die. 

Our fertilizer is urea-free and formulated specifically for Tillandsia. Fertilizing not only helps to speed up growth, but it also enhances the plants during blooming and encourages offspring growth.

One bottle will feed 6-12 medium sized plants for at least half a year.