Best Sellers Bundle
(75 Plants)


SIZE: Air plants in bundle can range from 2" to 12" depending on availability

DESCRIPTION: You will receive the following 75 plants. If flowering plants are available we will send plants in bud or bloom. Flowering availability depends on species and season. No labels will be put on these plants. We recommend selling these by size (Small, Medium, Large).

10 Araujei (Medium) 

10 X Floridiana (Medium) 

5 Peru Inca Gold Singles (Medium) 

5 Ionantha Pink *color* 

5 Ionantha Red *color* 

5 Stricta Iridescent (Medium) *color* 

5 Capitata Domingensis (Medium) *color* 

15 Ionantha (Guat or Rubra) (Small)

5 Stricta Purple Haze (Medium) 

10 Baileyi (Medium) 

Note: We reserve the right to substitute any of the plant varieties based on availability. If we do have to substitute, it will only be for a plant of equal or higher value, that is similar in shape and size to what was substituted.