Harrisii Medium
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SIZE: Medium - approx 4"

DESCRIPTION: Tillandsia harrisii is native to Central America, particularly Guatemala. It is found at an altitude between 0 and 500 meters above sea level. This species was described by Renate Ehlers in 1987. Harrisii are what we call "the easiest air plant" around here. With the exception of Xerographica, this is considered one of the hardiest air plants. This is a firm leafed plant, abundant in trichomes, and can withstand high light conditions. Harrisii prefer typical air plant care: regular waterings, good air circulation, and monthly fertilization. If you follow of these steps, you will have a thriving Harrisii that will be happy to produce offsets for you!

When Harrisii bloom, they produce an amazing red inflorescence with purple flowers. This is a stark contrast against the typical grey-green leaves that the T. Harrisii has. 


T. harrisii