Kolbii AKA Scaposa Medium
(Minimum Order 10)


SIZE: Medium - approx 3"

DESCRIPTION: Kolbii is one of the quintessential beginner's air plants. They do well inside, and can be used in a variety of ways such as: terrariums, wood displays, hung from wire, and glued to ceramics. Tillandsia kolbii is very similar to ionantha, but is set apart by its taller appearance with a slight curvature to the leaves. The inflorescence of the Kolbii is shorter than on Ionantha.

Kolbii prefer less bright light than ionantha, and they also enjoy a humid environment. If your kolbii is getting too dry, the entire plant will have a grey appearance and will feel dry to the touch. If this happens, give your kolbii a soak overnight and check it again in the morning to see if the addition of moisture helped to revitalize the plant.

Kolbii can be found in parts of Southern Mexico and throughout Guatemala. This plant was originally known as T. ionantha v. Scaposa. 


T. kolbii