Velutina Medium
(Minimum Order 5)


SIZE: Medium - approx 4"

DESCRIPTION: Velutina is a species in the genus Tillandsia. This species is native to Chiapas and Guatemala. This species was described by Renate Ehlers in 1994. Tillandsia Velutina have a velvety feel because of the trichomes on their leaves. This plant has a great olive green coloration and blushes a deep red when in bloom. This air plant blooms from the inflorescence that is composed of several short ears, each bearing 1 or 2 flowers only. As a result, the inflorescence, emerging little from the plant, has a globose appearance. The bracts of the flowering stem resemble leaves, are scaly and of a beautiful bright red color.

NOTE: The brown coloration at the bottom of this plant is normal for the species. It is not an indicator of rot. This is a soft leaved species. If there is rot, it will be brown from the central area of the top of the plant where the new growth comes out. 


T. velutina