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Our plants are greenhouse grown in a climate that has temps down to the mid 30's and up to the mid 90's. This wide range of environmental conditions means that our plants are much hardier than air plants from coastal areas like Florida or Southern California. Even if your area is expecting a cold or heat wave, it is likely that your air plant shipment will be just fine. 99% of our plants make it to their destinations without health issues due to inclement weather. 

If you are expecting multiple days in a row of below freezing weather, we do recommend adding a Winter Shipping Upgrade to your order as an extra precaution. 

Shop Wholesale Air Plants
138 results
Peru Inca Gold Clump (4 - 7 pups) <br> (Minimum Order 3)
Peru Inca Gold Hanging Clump <br> (No Minimum)
Plagiotropica Small <br> (Minimum Order 5)
Prenglei Clump <br> (Minimum Order 5)
Pruinosa Guatemala Small <br> (Minimum Order 10)
Pruinosa Guatemala Medium<br> (Minimum Order 5)
Pruinosa x Seleriana <br> (Minimum order 3)
Recurvata AKA Ball Moss Clump *USA Native Plant* <br> (Minimum Order 5)
Rectifolia <br> (Minimum Order 5)
Seleriana Giant Green <br> (No Minimum)
Seleriana x Delicata Offset <br> (No Minimum)
Spanish Moss Hanging Clump Large <br> (Minimum Order 3)
Sold Out
Starburst (brachycaulos x schiedeana) Medium <br> (Minimum Order 4)
Straminea ‘Fuzzy Giant’ <br> (No Minimum)
Stricta Gray <br> (Minimum Order 5)
Stricta Hybrid Clump <br> (No Minimum)
Stricta Iridescent <br> (Minimum Order 3)
Stricta Magenta Pups <br> (Minimum Order 10)
Stricta Purple Haze <br> (Minimum Order 5)
Stricta Purple Haze Clump <br> (Minimum Order 3)
Stricta Soft White <br> (Minimum Order 3)
Stricta Starry Night <br> (Minimum Order 3)
Subsecundifolia Small <br> (Minimum Order 10)
Subsecundifolia Clumps w/ 3-4 Pups <br> (Minimum Order 3)
Sweet Isabel Clump (Minimum Order 3)
T. ‘Betty’ Clump Large <br> (No Minimum)
T. ‘Burnt Fingers’ (didisticha x duratii) <br> (No Minimum)
Tectorum Snowball Small <br> (Minimum Order 5)
Tectorum Snowball Medium <br> (Minimum Order 3)
Tenuifolia Bush Medium <br> (Minimum Order 4)
Tenuifolia Amethyst Medium <br> (Minimum Order 4)
Tricholepsis <br> (Minimum Order 5)
Tricolor v Melanocrater Large <br> (Minimum Order 5)
‘Ty’ (Ehersliana x Bulbosa) <br> (No Minimum)
Velutina Medium <br> (Minimum Order 5)
Velutina Large <br> (Minimum Order 5)
X Wonga Medium *Fragrant Bloom* <br> (Minimum order 5)
Xerographica Thick Leaf Seedling <br> (Minimum Order 3) <br> *Cannot Be Shipped Internationally*
Sold Out
Xerographica Thick Leaf Mini <br> (Minimum Order 3) <br> *Cannot Be Shipped Internationally*
Xerographica Thick Leaf Small <br> (Minimum Order 3) <br> *Cannot Be Shipped Internationally*
Xerographica Thick Leaf Medium <br> (Minimum Order 3) <br> *Cannot Be Shipped Internationally*
Xerographica Thick Leaf Large <br> (No Minimum) <br> *Cannot Be Shipped Internationally*
138 results